Umpire Information


Your Little League Needs YOU!!!


Without Umpires the game just isn’t the same.  Our League is committed to growing a strong core of dedicated and knowledgeable Umpires to help ensure our youth get the best baseball experience possible.


Fish Creek Little League is excited to offer its members 12 years of age and up the opportunity to take part in the Umpiring for the 2021 Season.


We are also encouraging adults to take part and join the ranks as an Umpire.  It’s a fun way to be involved in the game your child loves.  As well, parents can have a great time Umpiring alongside their youth Umpire – it is fun and rewarding.  Umpiring is also a great way for young players and parents to learn the game!


We will be hosting a Rookie Umpire School and an Advanced Umpire School via Zoom.  These will run the weekend of April 10th & 11th.  More details (i.e. times) will be communicated over the next few weeks.

  • Please note that the Rookie Umpire School is designed for those umpires that have 2 years and less experience.
  • The Advance Umpire School is designed for those umpires that have 3 years and more experience.


If you are a new umpire (never umpired before) please ensure you register with us.  By registering, we can ensure you are included on all umpire communication.  To register (if new) please CLICK HERE.


Again, we are encouraging any adult (parent or even extended family like an uncle, aunt or grandparent that might also be interested in umpiring games) to please register and take part in such.


Our VP Officiating – Umpire in Chief will also be hosting a Zoom Meeting for all those interested Umpires this coming Monday, March 8th.  It will be a 30-45 min meetings to answer questions and discuss the season.  The two time slot he has set aside for such are 6:30pm & 8:00pm.  Below are the links for these meetings:



Any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact our VP Officiating – Umpire in Chief at:


We thank you in advance for all your support!!!