FCLL intends to offer a "Majors" Division for the 2021 Spring House League Season.  Below is information on the "Majors" Division we intend to offer.  Based on AHS Guidelines, FCLL may have to adjust the program offering.


What are some of the known and potential impacts of Covid-19?

  • All FCLL Programs will adhere to the League’s Safety Plan and Communicable Disease Transmission Prevention Guidelines, which may be updated periodically to reflect the most current municipal, provincial and/or federal guidelines.
  • Team sizes and number of teams in each cohort are subject to change.
  • All coaches, volunteers and non-participating athletes will be required to wear a mask.
  • For information on our Cancellation & Refund Policy due to Covid, please CLICK HERE.


What Baseball Ages play Majors?

  • Ages 10-12


How do I determine my child's Baseball Age?
  • The league age determination date is the age a player has attained as of a specific date (August 31st of the current year), for the purpose of placing the player in a particular Division.  As of 2021 the date in Divisions of Little League Baseball is as follows:



What is Majors all about?

  • Fish Creek typically has 16-18 teams every season in this age group.  With such a large range of ages and potential skill levels, Fish Creek will be running two Leagues in the Major Division.  They are as follows:
    • National League - The National League will mainly be a 12 year old league, with some 11 year olds and the potential for one 10 year old per team.
    • American League - The American League will mainly be an 11 year old league, with newer 12 year olds to baseball and the potential for 10 year olds.
  • This is considered a competitive division.  This division follows the rules and regulations of Little League.
  • Players are required to attend tryouts and can be drafted to National League  team.  Once drafted, the player will remain with that team for the duration of their eligibility.
  • Players that are not drafted to the National League will be placed on a team in the American League.  Teams in that league will be balanced to ensure parity in the Division and give players a chance to compete with others of a similar skill set.
  • 10 year olds are eligible to try out for a Majors team.  However, there is no guarantee they will be drafted to a Majors National team or placed on a Majors American team.
  • 10 year olds that are not drafted or placed on a Majors American League team will be placed on a team in the appropriate Minors Division based on their skill level and evaluation scores.


What is the cost of Majors?

  • The cost is $330.


When does the season start?

  • Typically the season starts at the end of April and runs through to the end of June.
  • Depending on field conditions, practices could start as early as early April for some divisions, and some older divisions may have indoor practices starting in early to mid-April.


How often do they play?

  • Majors will see 2-3 games scheduled per week plus 1-2 practices scheduled by the managers or coaches.
  • *Games and practices can be any day of the week.*
  • There will be Regular Season Games followed by Playoffs in both Leagues, with the potential for an In-Season Weekend Tournament.


What times do they play?

  • Majors games generally start at 6:30 pm and will have no new innings starts after 8:00 pm (8:15 pm after May long weekend).
  • Weekend Games could begin anytime between 9:30am - 6:00pm.
  • *Game times are subject to change.*


What are the diamond locations?


What equipment is included in the registration fees?  What equipment do the parents/guardians need to provide?

  • Fish Creek Little League will supply each team a set of jerseys, batting helmets and bats for the season.  It is strongly encouraged that each player should have their own batting helmet (for hygiene purposes).
  • Each player will be expected to have white baseball pants, their own ball glove and athletic cup/jill.


What if I can’t afford the registration fees?

  • Under the Little League charter, no child may be excluded from play based on inability to pay.
  • Subsidies are available through an application on Kidsport:  www.kidsport.ca
  • For further assistance with this, please contact the Fish Creek Little League Treasurer at:  treasurer@fcll.ca


When does registration open?


When does registration close?

  • Online Registration for the 2021 Season is currently scheduled to close on Wednesday, March 10th.
  • Any late registrations will be placed on a waiting list and space permitting, will be subject to a $50 late registration fee.


What is the refund policy?

  • Withdraw on or prior to March 10th:  Full Refund.
  • Withdraw after March 10th:  Registration fees less a $100 administration fee will be refunded.
  • Withdraw after first game played:  No Refunds.


How many players on a team?

  • For Majors the ideal team consists of 11-12 players per team, however there may be up to 14 players on a team.


I registered and I haven’t heard anything yet – what’s happening?

  • Once the registration information is collected and entered in the database, reports for each Division are prepared for the various Division Directors.
  • The number of teams is then determined and Managers and/or Coaches are assigned to each team, then players are assigned or drafted to the teams.
  • There is a Coaches Meeting (to review rules, events, etc) with the Division Directors.
  • The Managers and Coaches for each team receive the team roster and are then in a position to start contacting parents.
  • Often, the Managers and Coaches will organize a parent meeting before the season starts. Practices can then commence.
  • If you have any questions about this process, please contact the applicable Division Director (can be found under About Us at: http://www.fcll.ca/board-members/).


What, where and when are evaluations?

  • Evaluation sessions provide the opportunity for Division Directors, Managers and Coaches to assess the ability of players. This process assists the League in placing players appropriate to their skill level. There are a number of stations (pitching, fielding, hitting) through which the players rotate; they are observed and assessed according to specific criteria.
  • Players registered for the Major Division are required to attend at least one evaluation session to be eligible for the Major Draft.  There will be no exceptions for this rule (unless you played on a Major team the previous season/year).
  • Evaluations are only for players registered for Minors and up.
  • Evaluations are schedule for Saturday March 13th & 20st.  More details will be posted closer to the date on our website with regards to location and time.
    • *Evaluations are subject to change based on  AHS Guidelines for the 2021 Season.*
  • Players are required to evaluate during the appropriate time slot for their age group for one of the dates.  If you are unable to attend either of the dates, please contact the VP Coach & Player Development Director - Player Agent at:  player_agent@fcll.ca.


I want to coach or volunteer, how do I go about doing this?

  • Please indicate on your child’s registration that you would like to coach or volunteer.
  • To apply to coach or volunteer please complete the steps required in our Coach Registration which can be found at:  http://www.fcll.ca/2021-coach-registration/
  • You can also email your interest to the Safety Officer at:  safety@fcll.ca.


Should you not be able to locate an answer to your questions please do not hesitate to contact our Registrar at:  registrar@fcll.ca.


NOTE: This information is specific to our league and may change at any time.