FCLL has partnered up with the Okotoks Dawgs to offer 2022 Dawgs Winter Development Camps.

The Camps will be run by multiple Dawgs Coaches along with help from their 18U Academy Players.

For each Camp, they will be working on fundamentals in both offense and defense.  The goal of the Camps is to teach the game of baseball while providing a fun environment to learn in.  Some of the fundamentals they will be covering are:

  • Fielding Position
  • Outfield Play
  • Pitching Mechanics
  • Hitting Mechanics (Stance, Grip, Stride, Balance)
  • Throwing Mechanics
  • Base Running (for the younger ages)

There will be 3 different Camps offered which are based on Player’s Baseball Age as per the 2022 Little League Baseball Age Chart (which is the age of the Player as of August 31st, 2022).

Below is a breakdown of these Camps with more details:

  • Baseball Ages 8-10
    • Every Saturday from January 8th to February 19th
    • 1 Hour Sessions (6:00pm-7:00pm)
    • Cost = $160/player
  • Baseball Ages 10-12
    • Every Saturday from January 8th to February 19th
    • 1 Hour Sessions (7:00pm-8:00pm)
    • Cost = $160/player
  • Baseball Ages 12-16
    • Every Sunday from January 9th to February 20th
    • 1-1/2 Hour Sessions (12:00pm-1:30pm)
    • Cost = $235/player

The Camps will be held indoor at the Duvernay Fieldhouse in Okotoks (just off of 1st base on the home side of Seaman Stadium).  More details on directions, what to bring, etc. will be provided to those who have registered closer to the date of the Camps.

As for COVID-19 Restrictions/Rules, the Dawgs have provided us with the following information:

  • The Dawgs follow the AHS Rules for Youth (Under 18) Sport, Fitness and Performance Activities.
    • We screen for symptoms at the this time.  We have multiple checklists that players will see as they come through the front doors (noting to please not enter should anyone be experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms).  We also ask that everyone that enters the building use hand sanitizer which is set out at the front door and exit.
    • Being that we are constantly engaged in physical activity, we do not require our players to maintain 2 meters distancing during those engaging activities, but with that bveing said, we do practice that as much as we can.  We will set groups apart from one another so there are only 5-6 in a group versus 10-12.  With various stations throughout the facility, it is very easy to maintain distancing, even though it is not required while engaged in physical activity.
    • We do not require masks in the Fieldhouse at this time being that the players are engaged in physical activity.
    • No parents are permitted in the Fieldhouse Lobby.  At this time, parents will have to drop their kids off at the Fieldhouse for the Camp.

To register for the one of the Camps, please CLICK HERE.

Please note there is only 30 spots per Camp available.  So please do not delay and register today.  

**Registration will close on January 2nd, 2022.**

Should you have any questions or concerns with Registration, please contact our Registrar at:  registrar@fcll.ca.

For any questions or concerns on the Camps, please contact our Player Development Director at:  playerdevelopment@fcll.ca.