What Baseball Ages play T-Ball?​

  • Ages 4-6


How do I determine my child's Baseball Age?
  • The league age determination date is the age a player has attained as of a specific date (August 31st of the current year), for the purpose of placing the player in a particular Division.  As of 2020 the date in Divisions of Little League Baseball is as follows:


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What is Summer 2020 T-Ball all about?

  • Based on AHS Guidelines Fish Creek will be able to off a T-Ball House League program where we can play games. We will have to follow the recommended guidelines and our T-Ball Division will be split into Cohorts.


Details on Cohorts:

  • The 50-person cohort rules applies to players AND coaches within the group.
  • Players and coaches must remain part of the same cohort for the entire season and may not be part of multiple cohorts.  This means that if a coach wants to coach multiple teams (as many due) they may only pick one to be their cohort where they can break the physical distancing rule (without a mask).
  • If a Division has more than 50 players and coaches, they will need to be divided in groups of no more than 50 and only play against teams/players from their own group.
  • Physical distancing within a cohort will not need to be maintained during game play (essentially, they will be able to play games as they normally would).
  • Physical distancing will need to be maintained when note playing (i.e. in dugouts/on benches).
  • Separation from spectators and good hygiene practices will be in effect.  No food permitted at the diamonds, this includes sunflower seeds.


Details on League Play and Team Formation?

  • T-Ball is considered a developmental division.  All Cohorts will follow FCLL's Modified rules currently outlined in our Spring House League Program (for more details please CLICK HERE).
  • Because of the Cohort rules, FCLL will be capping its T-Ball Registrations.
  • We would have teams of 9 players and 2-3 coaches each.
  • Teams will play games on alternate weeknights, Monday through Thursday.
  • Each Cohort would have their own designated field.
  • Teams and Cohorts will be formed randomly with allowances given for Friend Requests.
  • **Team sizes and number of teams in each cohort are subject to change based on registration numbers, City, Provincial and AHS Guidelines.**
  • We are very fortunate to be offering this Summer Baseball Program.  We sincerely appreciate your understanding and support with the program we will have.


What is the cost of T-Ball?

  • The cost is $140.


How often do they play?

  • T-Ball will see 2 games scheduled per week (weeknight only).  Games that are interrupted or postponed due to weather may be rescheduled to an available weeknight or weekend.


What times do they play?

  • T-Ball games generally start at 6:00 pm and will have no new innings starts after 7:30 pm.


How long is the Season?

  • Equipment and Jerseys to be distributed sometime between July 2nd and 5th. (could be earlier) or other accommodations may be made.
  • First games to be played July 6th.
  • Each team would be scheduled 2 games per week between July 6th and August 21st, with the week of August 24th available to make up for rainouts.
  • No games scheduled between August 6th and 10th.
    • **All dates mentioned above are subject to change.**


What are the diamond locations?

  • All Diamonds are located within FCLL Boundaries/Communities.
  • A T-Ball or Coach Pitch Diamond will be assigned to each Cohort.


What equipment is included in the registration fees?  What equipment do the parents/guardians need to provide?

  • Registration Fees cover the cost of the field permits and Fish Creek Little League will supply each team a set of jerseys and balls.  A few Team Bats will also be provided by the League, however it is preferable if each player has their own bat.
  • Each player MUST have their own batting helmet (for hygiene purposes).
  • Each player will be expected to have white baseball pants or sweats (no shorts), their own ball glove and athletic cup/jill.


What if I can’t afford the registration fees?

  • Under the Little League charter, no child may be excluded from play based on inability to pay.
  • Subsidies are available through an application on Kidsport:
  • For those families registering through Kidsport, to complete the registration process, please contact our Registrar at:


What is the refund policy?

  • Withdraw prior to June 30th, 2020:
    • Registration Fees less a $25 administration fee will be refunded
  • Withdraw after June 30th, 2020:
    • No Refunds


I want to coach or volunteer, how do I go about doing this?

  • Please indicate on your child’s registration that you would like to coach or volunteer.
  • To apply to coach or volunteer please complete the steps required in our Coach Registration which can be found at:
  • You can also email your interest to the Safety Officer at:


Should you not be able to locate an answer to your questions please do not hesitate to contact our Registrar at:


NOTE: This information is specific to our league and may change at any time.

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