This page is designated for those looking for information about our High Performance Program and to Register for such (Online Registration Link at the bottom of this page).



  • This Program aligns with the Fish Creek Little League Mission Statement, providing an opportunity for all players and coaches to further develop their individual skill set and ability to work within a team setting.



  • The High Performance Program is geared toward Minors and Majors aged players for the 2023 season and is independent of the Spring House League and Summer All Star seasons. All Star roster placement has no bearing on High Performance program participation.
  • Players must be registered for the 2023 Spring House League season to participate in this.
  • The program is scheduled to begin the end of February, followed by weekly sessions on both Saturdays & Sundays. We will not have practices on Easter weekend, or House League Evaluations weekend. Once the weather permits, we will move the weekend sessions outdoors.
  • This program will be fully inclusive but will be split in to 2 categories; High Performance and Development.
    • High Performance
      • This will be tailored to the players looking to further advance their skillset and ready themselves for the Summer All Star season.
    • Development
      • This will be tailored to all players looking to strengthen their fundamental skills, build confidence, and get more reps.
  • Fish Creek recognizes we have many multi-sport athletes in our organization. As such, we are offering 2 registration options for families to choose.



  • Indoor program will begin on February 24th for an introductory/ start-up Parents are encouraged to be there at the end of the session to hear more details on the program goals and objectives.
  • Practices will run Saturdays at Accurate Fieldhouse 1:00-3:30pm, and Sundays at Deer Run Community Centre 9:00-11:30am.
    • Minors age group will practice the first half of the timeslot, followed by the Majors age group.
  • We will not practice Easter weekend or the weekend of March 25th/26th for evaluations.
  • We have indoor sessions booked through to the end of April but will move outdoors once the weather permits.
  • Outdoor sessions will be a combination of practices, Inter-Squad games, and High Performance This will all be dependant on weather, and tiering of individual teams. Not every player is guaranteed High Performance games against other programs.
  • Outdoor sessions will run in conjunction with the House League season. Players must still be present for House League games during the week.
  • We intend to continue our outdoor sessions through the House League season and cut it off prior to the All Star season beginning (mid/end June).



  • Option 1 – Full Sessions from Feb 24th to program completion
    • Cost $250/ Player
  • Option 2 – Starting April 15th to program completion
    • Cost $150/ Player


  • Fees include all Facility Rentals, Umpires, and Permits.
  • Each player will receive a Hat, a Shirt, and a pair of Shorts.
  • Each player will be given an equal and fair assessment prior to setting any teams for High Performance or Inter Squad games.
  • Players may be moved between teams at the discretion of the coaches.



  • Fish Creek is looking for coaches to assist with this program. This will be a great opportunity for those looking to coach House League and/or All Stars.
  • Please reach out to Jesse Boettcher (VP Development) at: vpdevelopment@fcll.ca for more information on signing up for Coaching.


To register please CLICK HERE.


Should you not be able to locate an answer to your questions please do not hesitate to contact Jesse Boettcher (VP Development) at: vpdevelopment@fcll.ca.



NOTE: This information is specific to our league and may change at any time.